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Saturday October 18, 2014

White's Field, Durham CT

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Picture of the Month for September 2014
Edward Lakatos flew this amazing scratch built foam rocket on two G40W motors. Edward's rocket is ten feet tall but only weighed 36 oz on the pad!
Scratch built foam rocket
Picture(s) of the Month for June 2014
Special Edition : CATO Cert Flights
We had one Level 1 certification at the June CATO launch, and three CATO members flew certification flights at URRF 2 in Potter, NY. (What, you weren't at URRF? You missed great weather and a 23500 ft ceiling!)
Congratulations to all who certified and who now qualify to spend evern more money on motors.
Richard Haufman flew his Wildman Jr on an H152BS to earn his L1 at the June CATO launch.
Wildman Jr on an H152BS
Christian Manasoiu earned his L3 at URRF with his scratch built Patriot.
Christian L3
Brad Oestreicher flew his Nike Smoke on an M1297W to earn his L3 at URRF.
Nike Smoke on an M1297W
Jeanne Hogan flew a rocket named "Autism Speaks" on a J335RL to earn her L2 at URRF.
(Jeanne Hogan and 'Autism Speaks')
Picture of the Month for April 2014
(OK ... It's really a video)
This amazing video is submitted by our illustrious president, taken from his Formula 54 flying on a CTI G88SS.
Now, there are plenty of rocket videos. What makes this one truly amazing it that it is Al's rocket, and it didn't blow up, crash, or burst into flames for no apparent reason at all!
Awesome Pic from CATO 207
First time visitor (and photographer) Roy took this picture at our March launch. Thanks Roy!
Sparky motor from CATO 207
CATO Announces 2014 Officers
  • President: Al Gloer
  • Vice President: Brad Oestreicher
  • Treasurer: Ray DiPaola
  • Secretary: Eric Henderson
  • TRA Prefect: Rick Comshaw
  • NAR Section Advisor: Patrick McConnell
  • Director at Large: Ross Tracey
  • Director at Large: Dave Cannell
Punkin Chunkin Winners!!

Yes, there were winners, and there were looooosers at our annual Punkin Chunkin contest!

Rick Comshaw must have decided that the Durham Fairgrounds need a pumpkin patch, 'cuz he PLANTED his pumpkin (and the rocket that was carrying it). Al Gloer never found his pumpkin at all. Eric Henderson turned his pumpkin into pumpkin pie filling on impact.

But, on to the winners ...

  • Rich Crooks got the best 'pumpkin aloft' time of 3:13 with his rocket called USPS Pumpkin Delivery. It was a LONG walk to get that pumpkin back!
  • Christian Mauasoiu was in first place most of the day (until Rich's final flight). His rocket 'Killer Pumpkin' had a time of 2:01. Christian gets bragging rights because it took Rich three attempts to beat that time!
  • Karen Gloer (showing husband Al how it is supposed to be done) had a good third place time of 1:24.
  • Dave Cannell had a time of 0:31
  • Ray DiPaola - 0:16
  • Honey Badgers TARC team - 0:05. I sure hope their TARC rocket flies better!