The Next Scheduled Launch is CATO 241

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Saturday January 21, 2017

After the launch: CATO Annual Meeting at 2 PM
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White's Field, Durham CT

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Launch Status Hotline: (641) 715-3900 Ext 51475#

CATO Annual Meeting
Now Scheduled for Jan 21, 2017

The CATO Annual Meeting will be held AFTER THE LAUNCH on Saturday Jan 21, 2017 at 2 PM at the Cypress Restaurant, 1265 South Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457.

The January launch will end around 1 PM. After we clean up and put away the equipment, we will head toward the Cypress Restaurant for lunch and our annual meeting.

Everyone is encouraged to come down, enjoy lunch, and participate in running OUR club.! We are actively looking to get more of our members involved in running CATO and our launches. But to do that, we need you to come down and let us know what interests you.

At our annual meeting we will:

  • Elect 2017 officers
  • Review our finances and our dues/fees for 2017
  • Schedule next year's launches
  • Talk about major rocket launches
  • Discuss important issues such as our launch field, high power rules, our launch control system, outreach, etc
  • And, of course, talk about rockets!


Punkin Chunkin Winners 2016!!

Al Gloer was kind enough to file this report on the Punkin Chunkin contest ...

We had our annual Punkin Chunkin at the last launch. Multiple eager participants showed up and there were all and sundry Rube Goldberg ideas marched up to the LCO (who was, for some reason, in a suit of armor). Several flights less than 20 seconds resulted pumpkin pie filling. There were successful flights from 2-5 minutes. At first it looked like Eric was going to win with a bit over two minutes and then Rick stepped up with an impressive flight of over four minutes. Sadly Rick was not able to recover his gourd (the parachute was later found). In a surprising move from the outfield, Al Gloer stepped up with a half of a quarter scale Patriot [editor's note: What the heck is a half of a quarter scale Patroit?] and pulled off about three minutes. Of course Al had to tree the air frame so we are going to call it a draw this year, if you were out of your gourd enough to fly a gourd, you were part of a fun and winning event.

Next year we will try to keep better score.

CATO Announces 2016 Officers
  • President: Brad Oestreicher
  • Vice President: Eric Henderson
  • Treasurer: Ray DiPaola
  • Secretary: Karen Gloer
  • TRA Prefect: Sean Hogan
  • NAR Section Advisor: Al Gloer
  • Director at Large: Ross Tracey
  • Director at Large: Dave Cannell
Congratulations to Jack Sweeney On His L1 Cert!
Jack successfully flew his rocket named 'J Bar 1' on an H123W motor to earn his Level 1 certification. Being a particularly brave soul, Jack participated in the Punkin Chunkin contest by flying a pumpkin in his L1 flight!
Ready for L1   There is goes!
Picture of the Month for September 2015
Dan Nocera rejoined CATO after a several year hiatus and brought along some extra help.
Ready to fly
Dan and his daughter flew this beautiful Mega Der Red Max on a G80T.
Der Red Max
Picture of the Month for June 2015
Congratulations to Karen Gloer on a successful L2 certification flight! On May 23, Karen flew a 5 inch Jart on a J350W motor at the National Sport Launch in Orangeburg, SC.
Karen Gloer's L2 Flight
Sad News from CMASS
The rocketry community suffered a great loss when Bill Spadafora passed away suddenly on May 22. Bill was a real gentleman and was an avid proponent of rocketry as a teaching tool, participating in both local and national TARC and SLI launches. Bill was an unwavering supporter of the mission of the NAR, president of CMASS and an all around great guy. He offered his time at many rocketry events across the country. He assisted many other clubs that were just getting started and built ground support equipment when he saw a need, asking for nothing in return. He will be missed by all that knew him. The board and membership of CATO would like to extend their condolences to the Spadafora family as well as his extended CMASS and MMMSC families
Picture of the Month for March 2015
Boy, are these pictures sad! This is why the March launch was cancelled. First, we have to get our trailer unstuck from that pile of snow, and then we would be flying on this field. See everyone in April!
HELP!  The Trailer is Stuck!
At least Brad won't set the field on fire!
Picture of the Month for September 2014
Edward Lakatos flew this amazing scratch built foam rocket on two G40W motors. Edward's rocket is ten feet tall but only weighed 36 oz on the pad!
Scratch built foam rocket
Picture(s) of the Month for June 2014
Special Edition : CATO Cert Flights
We had one Level 1 certification at the June CATO launch, and three CATO members flew certification flights at URRF 2 in Potter, NY. (What, you weren't at URRF? You missed great weather and a 23500 ft ceiling!)
Congratulations to all who certified and who now qualify to spend evern more money on motors.
Richard Haufman flew his Wildman Jr on an H152BS to earn his L1 at the June CATO launch.
Wildman Jr on an H152BS
Christian Manasoiu earned his L3 at URRF with his scratch built Patriot.
Christian L3
Brad Oestreicher flew his Nike Smoke on an M1297W to earn his L3 at URRF.
Nike Smoke on an M1297W
Jeanne Hogan flew a rocket named "Autism Speaks" on a J335RL to earn her L2 at URRF.
(Jeanne Hogan and 'Autism Speaks')
Picture of the Month for April 2014
(OK ... It's really a video)
This amazing video is submitted by our illustrious president, taken from his Formula 54 flying on a CTI G88SS.
Now, there are plenty of rocket videos. What makes this one truly amazing it that it is Al's rocket, and it didn't blow up, crash, or burst into flames for no apparent reason at all!
Awesome Pic from CATO 207
First time visitor (and photographer) Roy took this picture at our March launch. Thanks Roy!
Sparky motor from CATO 207